Postgraduate study opportunities in Munich

Postgraduate study opportunities in Munich

Postgraduate study opportunities in Munich

Munich being the largest city in Germany, surprisingly still withholds the unique community feel of a village therefore some people refer to Munich as the “village with a million citizens”. Where one expects to find skyscrapers and multimillionaire companies, you’ll see cobbled alleyways and open plan outdoor seating where residents can spend an afternoon sipping a beer.

Munich is an optimal city to study a postgraduate course. It’s a safe, clean and multi-cultural city and most importantly it can be found in the list of the top ten best cities to live in.

There are lots of opportunities to study a graduate program in Munich, with several universities and colleges of further education. Munich is a leading world location for science and research.

You can study at the following institutions, among others:

Munich is also home to a number of other research institutes among which the Max Planck Society, its headquarters localized in the city.

Graduate programs in Munich normally last for two years meanwhile the research programs and PhDs take up to three years to comprehend. Although international degrees are taught in English, many postgraduate courses are also taught in German. As such, you may have to take the German Language University Entrance Examination (DSH) to check your language suitability.

For a list of all Master programs in Munich, please click here and PhD programs click here!

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