Being without your own personal vehicle can be quite a headache, but chances are good this is the situation you will find yourself in when you are coming to Munich from international territories. Luckily there isn’t a reason to worry, as there are so many different ways that you can get around in Munich.

The underground system is the most commonly used way to get around. It is so easy and it is very convenient; available whenever you need it and at a very low cost. It is available to take you throughout the city and close to all of the universities that are in the area. You should look into the underground system while you are in Munch.

Rental cars are a possibility, and one of the options available. Weekly and monthly rental rates are available, and you can find an assortment of styles, makes and models of vehicles. This can get expensive.
Students in Munich commonly use public transportation. Public transportation options in the city include buses, trains and trams. They run frequently and throughout the city on a daily basis. The prices vary according to which transportation option you choose, however, you can be certain the rate is quite affordable.

Bike hire is available in Munich. Biking to your university, the supermarket and other activities is an excellent way to see more of the city while you get to your destination. Biking is enjoyable and popular among those in the city. It is also quite affordable and certainly convenient. Walking is always an option that you have available to you, although you may want to save this until you’ve familiarized yourself with the city somewhat. Most things in Munich are situated quite close together, however, this isn’t always the case and getting lost is certainly something that you can do without.

Taxi cabs are also available to help you get around in the city, but as with the rental car option, taxis can be very expensive. In fact, they are much more expensive than the rental car option, but they are great for those late night outings and similar quick trips. Taxis charge a per-meter fee that is convenient for short distances.

Most students who come to Munich use a variety of the transportation methods to help them get around. This is probably something that you will also want to do as well. The situation that you are in is the best way to determine which transportation option is best suited for the moment.

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