List of Universities in Munich

List of Universities in Munich

Universities in Munich

Munich, the ultimate city in the southern Bavaria, is the most desirable German destination to live in and/or study. Regarding to its prosperity and vibrant lifestyle Munich is ranked the third greatest city in the state.

As for the majority of internationals coming to Germany, Munich is considered the temple of beer due to Oktoberfest – the crucial beer festival organized annually, it goes without saying that this is hardly ever a bad new for all the youngsters who decide to study abroad in this region. Munich is quite a touristic German spot therefore it lures students who are intimidated by a radical change of the surrounding.

Munich provides quality instead of quantity: with only two institutions for higher education it might not have the highest number of students but definitely it sure has a promising percentage of international students circulating in and out the campus admiring the world class quality of the lifestyle.

As with the majority of German public universities, tuition fees are rather low for domestic and international students alike, something that is very uncommon for other European countries.  However the living costs tend to be slightly higher in Munich if one compares them with the eastern part of the country, like in Berlin, yet the situation is still manageable and Munich is still considered among the most affordable student cities around.

Here you can find some of the most known universities in Munich:

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