Working While Studying in Munich

Working While Studying in Munich

Working While Studying

If you are a student attending a college or university in Munich, carrying on a job may be something that you wish to do. Having a job, whether it is a full-time or a part-time gig, can make it easier to afford the costs of living in the city.

There are many well-known employers in Munich and there are also the not-so-well-known. There are a number of industries available, although most students in Germany choose to work in retail or catering. It is entirely up to you if you will take a job while you are studying in Munich.

Students coming into Munich from other countries have full opportunities to work while they are studying in the city with very few limitations and restrictions. However, those who are not citizens of Europe are restricted to working for 180 days during the school year. This is often done during summer breaks and on the weekends.

As long as you abide by these rules you should have no problems whatsoever. Be sure to have a CV on hand to apply for the jobs, and, of course, wait until you’ve arrived in the city to apply. Most employers will want you to come in for an in-person interview, and you can’t do this if you are thousands of miles away. It should not be very difficult to find employment so this should not be of too much concern to you.
If you are coming to Munich and already have a degree, finding a job is something that will be even easier to do. There are a lot of opportunities available for skilled individuals in the city in a wide range of fields. To apply for these you will need to have an up-to-date CV available.

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